Dr. Ariel TW Erceg

I am no stranger to a change in form and condition.  However, the greatest and most challenging change has been parenthood. 

My first years of parenthood were a mixture of awe and awful. A year after my son’s birth I fled with him to my mother in the US. For a year I had refused help, even from my partner. I had completed a PhD, travelled with a circus, moved abroad, backpacked through Africa: surely I could look after a child.

What I know now, is no-one can do it alone. We are not made to do it alone. After the birth of my second child, I retrained as a Post-Natal support practitioner with NCT through the University of Worcester. With a background in cultural geography, research, performance, and public education, I offer a warm and judgement-free space for parents to gently explore the new life thrust upon them.

It is a privilege and pleasure to support parents finding their confidence on this new journey.