You are the best person to make decisions about your family.

I don’t do advice.

I do provide space, and Permission, to focus on your Development as a Mother and boost your confidence in Parenting.


Wednesdays 10am-12pm

BlackHeath Complementary Health Centre SE3 7DH

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6 weeks beginning August 28


Becoming a parent is perhaps the most significant journey a person can experience. It happens in a moment and lasts a lifetime.

Explore your journey to parenthood over six weeks in a warm and judgement-free space. My goal is to support you and the great job you are doing.

Each course is tailored to the expressed needs of the mothers in attendance, along with a set program covering topics such as: JOYs of parenting, strategies for your future, crying & sleeping (mother & baby), developmental milestones (mother & baby), childcare considerations, decision-making strategies, self-care and mental health. We also explore your experiences and feelings around changing relationships post-baby, your expectations of motherhood pre-baby and the reality, and your hopes for your new family.

Each course is limited to 8 mothers and their babies (1-6 months old).

Introductory Price £90

Includes: hot drinks & nibbles, info-pack, self-care kit, private facebook group, 12 hours to focus on you!!!

FOr more information or to book a spot: