The hallmark of my services, this class meets once a week for 6 weeks. During that time I witness women transform themselves from balls of anxiety and fear to capable and confident mothers. The course is designed to support 4-8 mothers of 1-6 month olds discover and explore the pleasures and pains of their new life and gain confidence as a parent. And there’s cake.

Over 6 weeks, mothers have the opportunity to:

  • reflect and share their experience of birth and early days of parenting

  • gain confidence in their decisions around baby-care and their future family

  • create strategies to address change in themselves and personal relationships

  • reflect and share their feelings about their changing identities

  • learn to identify developmental milestones in their baby

  • identify when to seek help and where to access support for mental health concerns

Messy & Marvellous Motherhood Drop-ins

Whether you’re desperate for a hot cuppa, adult conversation, a chance to use that adorable outfit from Gran, or just want to pee in peace, my Drop-ins are for you. The free and inclusive Drop-ins offer a warm, judgement-free space to talk about your day (or night) with a licensed post-natal professional and other new parents.

Babies, Bangers & Books

A place for Dads to be Dads. Bring the baby, enjoy a lovely brunch (provided by local businesses) and try out new baby books and toys. This once-a-month event gives Dads the chance to play with their new baby, meet other new dads, and build their Dad-mojo.


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