You, with Child

This is about you.

What do you need?

This is about supporting your individual parenting needs. This can take the form of one-to-one support in a space & time chosen by you. Or it could look like a weekend workshop with your partner and yourself. Or a bespoke workshop for you and your new mom/dad friends? Think of it as Parenting Coaching.

What do you need to feel confident as a parent?

I specialise in helping you find confidence in your new role and developing strategies to build a happy and healthy family. I can’t ‘fix’ anything, but I can give you tools to build strategies for your new life and build a family identity that feels right for you.

Sessions will vary depending on your needs, but I can offer support and guidance in:

*navigating the transition from individual/couple to parent

*feeding (baby & parent)

*understanding child and parent development

*crying and sleeping (baby & parent)

*navigating changing relationship and identities

*decision-making strategies

*schedules & routines


£50 ad-hoc single session (2 hrs)+travel

£40 session (minimum 6 hrs)+travel

£30 session (minimum 12 hrs)

Bespoke workshop starting at £200

to start building your support: